I’ll have it strange

1 – I’ll have it all (Eddie Bengtsson Remix)
2 – Strangething (Cheshire Cat Version)
3 – I’ll have it all (Digital Geist Remix)
4 – I’ll have it all (Sonnert Remix)
5 – I’ll have it all (Revolver Mix by Superdigital)
6 – Strangething (Strangeversion by Christian Brun)

Remixes by:
- Eddie Bengtsson (Synthpop legend known from S.P.O.C.K, Page, This Fish Needs a Bike, and Sista Mannen På Jorden.)
- Cheshire Cat (Dark indie-poppers from Gothenburg, famous after their energetic gigs on last summers festivals.)
- Digital Geist (Electro/techno/industrial act from New York. Their album “The Zero Engine” was selected into the top ten albums of 2006 by Release Magazine.)
- Sonnert (a k a Dedacia. Hardhitting techno/electro from Alingsås that has released several tracks and contributed with many remixes on the legendary Bevlar netlabel.)
- Superdigital (Synthesizer guru and guitarist from Kalmar/Stockholm. Former member of the industrial band Metallhundarna.)
- Christian Brun (New Modern Angels.)