I'll have it strange The Good Ones
I'll have it all Strangething
Oddities New Modern Angels (demo)

A Cure (Album) 1. Prelude, 2. A Cure, 3. The Message, 4. The stars were reaching out for me, 5. Everybody looked the other way, 6. St. Petersburg, 7. A New Day
I’ll have it Strange (remix-EP) – Info
The Good Ones
(EP)1. Coherence, 2.The good ones, 3. Chrome, 4. Dark years, 5. We stayed awake that night, 6. Girl
I’ll have it all
(Single)1. I’ll have it all, 2. Will they be kinder today?, 3. Nightfall
(Single)1. Strangething, 2. Chainsaw, 3. Why? (It starts with an end)
(demo)1. Beyond that, 2. The Light
New Modern Angels (demo) 1. All the things, 2. Lullaby, 3. So easily surprised


Electric Fantastic Christmas 2010 (CD) – “Snowflakes”
Tiden går – En Hyllning till Page
(2CD) – “Det syns ingen snö
Electric Fantastic Sound No.6 2010 – “Det syns ingen snö
electriXmas 2009 – “I’ll have it all (Eddie Bengtsson remix)
Electric Fantastic Sound No.5 2009 – “I’ll have it all (Sonnert remix)
Electric Fantastic Sound No.4 2008 (lim.ed. Cassette) – “Girl (Edit)
Electric Fantastic Sound No.4 2008 – “The Good Ones
electriXmas 2007 - “We stayed awake that night
Electric Fantastic Sound No.3 2007 – “I’ll have it all (Radio Edit)
Synthklubben v2.2 (2007) – “I’ll have it all
Electric Fantastic X-mas (2006) – “December
electriXmas 2006 – “I’ll have it all (eX version)
Electric Fantastic Sound No.2 2006 – “Strangething (Edit)
KSS Compilation One (2005) – “Beyond that
electriXmas 2005 – “Beyond that
Neostalgia 2k-2k5 – “Lullaby
electriXmas 2004 – “All the things