Old news


Due to changes at Last.fm we are currently changing the music player. Hopefully the trig-player will work even better!


We have just created a page for New Modern Angels on Facebook. Come join us!


New Modern Angels are now finally available at Spotify (again)! Everything is not up yet, and there are some errors in the listings, but most of what we have done is finally there.


New Modern Angels are working on new songs and the finish line is getting closer. No release dates yet, though, so keep in touch…


The gig in Kalmar is moved to the 10th of december. Info at: Popidyll


New Modern Angels will play in Kalmar, at the club Popidyll, on the 17th of december.
And on a sidenote, Christian will be helping the band Poor Favour with live synthesizers at the Rookie festival in Hultsfred this weeked (24/10).


“I’ll Have it Strange”, a remix EP with brand new versions of our previous singles “Strangething” and “I’ll have it all”, will be released today. The remixes are made by:
- Eddie Bengtsson (Synthpop legend known from S.P.O.C.K, Page, This Fish Needs a Bike, and his current project Sista Mannen På Jorden.)
- Cheshire Cat (Dark indie-poppers from Gothenburg, famous after their energetic gigs on last summers festivals.)
- Digital Geist (Electro/techno/industrial act from New York. Their album “The Zero Engine” was selected into the top ten albums of 2006 by Release Magazine.)
- Sonnert (a k a Dedacia. Hardhitting techno/electro from Alingsås that has released several tracks and contributed with many remixes on the legendary Bevlar netlabel.)
- Superdigital (Synthesizer guru and guitarist from Kalmar/Stockholm. Former member of the industrial band Metallhundarna.)
- Christian Brun (i.e. yours truly.)
The EP will be available for free at Last.fm, or as high quality (320kbps) mp3s for 25SEK/~4USD/~2.7EUR through Klicktrack Music Store.

In our new gigs section, you see that we will be visiting heaven during xmas! =) The angels will play at Klubb Himlen in Gothenburg on the 26th of december, together with Before you die. More info at the venue’s website.
See you there!


Tomorrow, the 5th of october, New Modern Angels will play at club Undercut in Lund. The club is in Wermlands Nation, and the gates are opened at 2200. More info at: Undercut webpage


On the 23rd of november New Modern Angels will play in Gothenburg! Gothrockers Dr. Arthur Krause celebrate the release of their 2nd CD, with support from NMA, The Wedding and xorb. More info at: GGG


Back in Sweden after an inspiring trip to China. Beijing is a bit larger than Kalmar…
Added two EP reviews to the reviews page.


The new EP is named “The Good Ones”.
It contains six brand new tunes and will be available the 27th of May, as previously announced. We hope that you will enjoy it!


Some assorted bits of news…
-New Modern Angels has appeared on a few samplers recently, i.e. “Electric Fantastic Sound No 3.” and “Synthklubben v2.2″.
-The new, still nameless, EP is to be released on the 27th of May.


Angelic wings soon will bring you a brand new EP. May seems to be an appropriate month.


The annual electriXmas festival in Lund, southern Sweden, takes place the 16th of December. New Modern Angels is the first band ever to contribute to the give-away sampler for three consecutive years! “I’ll have it all” is this years tune, and it appears in a slightly different version than that on the single.
Other bands appearing on the sampler are Modcom (VNV Nation side project), Cat Rapes Dog, Universal Poplab, Hype, Thermostatic, Topgun, Emmon and others…


Electric Fantastic Sound has put together a christmas present for all friends of electric fantastic music:
-The Electric Fantastic Xmas sampler, on which New Modern Angels contribute with the brand new song “December”.

For more details and download (for free!), go to Electric Fantastic Sound.
(High quality download also available at Klicktrack Music Store for mere 0.95 Euro, thru the link above.)

Merry Christmas!


“I’ll have it all”, the new single from New Modern Angels is released today!
Get it from klicktrack.com and listen at last.fm.


New Modern Angels will play at Neostalgia in Malmö on the 11th of november. The club has a “Girls night out” with special focus on female musicians and DJs. More info: www.neostalgia.org.


New Modern Angels will play at Födelsedagsfestivalen (The birthday festival) in the vincinity of Jönköping on the 19th of august. For more information (tickets, etc.) pop into www.festivalen.info.


Today is the day of our first official release! “Strangething” is now available through Electric Fantastic Sound, and the three-track mp3-single (320kbps) can be purchased at klicktrack.com.


We are proud to announce that we have been signed to Electric Fantastic Sound. Our first release, “Strangething”, will be available the 10th of May.


Finally a small update in the music section… A new tune plus a slightly modified version of another.


To all who appreciate our work: A small christmas present from New Modern Angels. =)
A really early demo version of a song from our forthcoming CD.

Merry Christmas!


“Beyond that” is featured on a compilation CD gathered by people from the Keys, Synths & Samplers forum at Harmony-central. The CD contains music in a wide range styles made by musicians from all over the world.
It can be ordered at http://musicbizbuzz.net/relayer/kss.htm for $10, including world-wide shipping. The CD is a non-profit project. All surplus from the sales will be given to the Bob Moog foundation.


New Modern Angels are once again selected for participation on the electriXmas compilation. The song “Beyond that” is this years contribution. Other bands on the CD are e.g. Vive la Fête, quelles paroles, Seabound, Dupont and Cue to Recall… www.electrixmas.org


New Modern Angels will play live at the second edition of 99festival. 99festival mk2 will be held in Norrköping the 24th of September during the cultural event “Kulturnatta”. www.99festivalmk2.tk


Two new songs are available in the music section.


New Modern Angels will play at 99festival in Gothenburg. www.99festival.tk


New Modern Angels will play at Republik/Nemcom in Norrköping. More info at: www.republik.tk and www.nemcom.nu


“All the things” is reviewed in the paper version of the upcoming issue of MusikerMagasinet (MM). Apart from the fact that Linnéas importance in the production of the music is somewhat diminished in the text, it is a nice review… :)


www.newmodernangels.com is finally filled with at least some contents! The site is however still under construction, more will come…

Past events

Neostalgia 2k-2k5

New Modern Angels “Lullaby” was included on club Neostalgias’ 5 year anniversary collection, together with e.g. Scotch and Covenant. www.neostalgia.org

electriXmas 2004

The New Modern Angels’ tune “All the things” was featured on the 2004 edition of the electriXmas compilation. www.electrixmas.org

Quest For Fame 2004

New Modern Angels was chosen to be among the semi-finalists of Quest For Fame 2004, a demo band contest held by e.g. Memento Materia, Neostalgia and Nuclear Nation. Our semi-final was organised by club Neostalgia in Lund the 1st of May 2004. www.nuclearnation.org/qff2004