(Stuff written before we started the news-blog.)

From us to you, an early Christmas present. It’s a cover of the swedish classic “Mer Jul” by Adolphson & Falk.
Hugs and kisses!

Now i’ts clear that our song “Snowflakes” is going to appear on Electric Fantastic Sounds forthcoming Christmas CD! Among the other 16 artists with songs on the tracklist are Quelle Paroles, Discodiktator, Libra and Godlike.

We’re finally mixing down “Mer jul” and our own new Christmas song!

We’ve just added “Photoshoots” under Photos in the menu. There you can have a look at photos from yesterdays photosession!

Yesterday we took some photos to support Side-Line against homophobia. This is two photos from the set.

Been out walking and now is the time to work with our Christmas song. Maybe this one will appear on the “Electric Fantastic Christmas” compilation instead of “Mer jul”. We’ll see. Johan, our label boss, will have a word when choosing song!

We’ve now published almost all our lyrics here! Just a few left.

This afternoon we started to write a Christmas song of our own. No jingle bells though, but the lyrics are at least kind of frosty.

Yesterday we started to work on a swedish Christmas Song called “Mer Jul”. Actually it´s a song made by the classic swedish synthpop duo “Adolphson & Falk”. It will hopefully be found on this years “Electric Fantastic Christmas” compilation. Otherwise we promise you that you can find it here on our site in december.

Today we give you a little bit of the softest of our new songs!

So, this is our newfangled website.
We have changed the looks of our music player, made a picture gallery, changed guest-book (no commercials!) and simply made things nicer.

The Page tribute project has now resulted in a nice 2CD called “Tiden går – En hyllning till Page”! It is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies, and if you want it you can buy it from us. Just send us an email. You’ll find more info about the album at the projects myspace page.

More info regarding the SWElectronica gigs in St. Petersburg:
9. April, 22:00, at club Efir
10. April, 24:00, at club Griboedov
GHill 24.00 В рамках фестиваля Swelectronica, организатором которого является Генеральноe консульство Швеции, при поддержке промо-компании ArtEast выступят группы UmiUmi и New Modern Angels

SWElectronica flyer

Gigs in St Petersburg (Russia) coming up! More info as soon as we know more.

Do you want to know how the angels twitter?

The music player (in the music section) has been updated again! Every song made by NMA can be found in the playlist, in really nice quality.

New Modern Angels is joining the celebration of swedish synthpop pioneers Page, on their 30th anniversary, by contributing to a tribute album! Check it out at the project’s Myspace page. (A CD will hopefully be released in a few months.)

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